Natural Stone preservation

Sand, soil and coarseness do the most damage to regular stone floors as an eventual outcome of their abrasiveness. Your floors must be wiped oftentimes with a clean, non-treated dry dust mop or sweeper. A vacuum cleaner could be outstandingly important, particularly on textured floors, yet it should be in awesome condition and have no whipper bar to have the ability to envision hurting your magnificent floor. Vacuum associations can be helpful for difficult to accomplish areas.

Be preventive! Door mats or locale covers on either side of outside ways can help gather earth before it accomplishes your stone deck. It's also crucial to make certain that the base of the mat or floor covering consolidates a non-slip association. In like manner, verify that these sorts of mats are kept totally perfect to avoid extensively more earth from nearing straight into you're home.

Drenched cleaning your normal stone ground surface can totally help keep it searching beautiful for time everlast…

Stones Of India

India possesses a wide spectrum of dimensional stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, spread out all over the country. India is also amongst the largest producer of raw stone material and the sector is quite developed and vibrant in the South, as well as in Rajasthan and Gujarat, with a dedicated resource of entrepreneurs. India also has an indigenous resource of machinery and tool manufacturers which cater well to the demands of this sector

Pre-requisites for Getting Business through Buying Houses


Overseas Sales Agent


Advantages of working through Buying Houses

1 Cost saving The exporters save the costs on account of following
       a)Cost of correspondences which is at times aimless and wrongly directed
       b)Courier charges for sending samples
       c)Cost of overseas trips
       d)Cost of participation in trade fairs abroad
       e)Cost of manufacturing irrelevant samples, at times in absence of proper guidelines from importers and also for the importers who may not be serious ones as expected on the basis of exchange of correspondence. 2 Time saving (a)Substantial time of the exporters is wasted in probing the market & locating the buyers, who may not be as useful as thought to be. (b)Even after locating genuine buyers, the process of sampling & the time consumed in it is at times frustrating and the whole process is futile if the buyer does not approve the same for any petty reason resulting in loss of business deal. This situation is totally avoided while working through the buying house as the merchandisers are in regular touch…

Indian Stone

Natural Indian construction stones carry interesting history dating back to the ancient pyramids of Egypt.The eminence of these rocks is marked by their durability and beauty. Marble, Granite, Stale, Quartzite, Sandstone and Limestone cannot be compared to artificial and man made construction materials. These stones deriving from the deep southern glaciers, ridges and valleys of India make the most exquisite stone products.
We have close ties with suppliers throughout India and this ensures availability of the finest material in strictly drawn supply schedules. Sharing of inventory information with suppliers helps us maintain adequate stocks of popular stones, allowing fast just-in-time production schedules.
The company offers a wide variety of Stone Products to all the customers and supply best stones at the lowest rates to all our national and international buyers. Our extensive knowledge of different quarries of natural stones of the whole of India enables us to supply…

Chhattisgarh Art and Crafts

Chhattisgarh  is a state in Central India. The state was formed on November 1, 2000 by partitioning 16 Chhattisgarhi-speaking southeastern districts of Madhya Pradesh.Raipur is the capital of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh is one of the many states of India that is blessed with natural bounty and is enriched with traditions and culture. Moreover, being the soil of numerous distinct tribal groups Chhattisgarh offer a variety of art and crafts to its visitors. You will easily get awestruck by the charisma and richness of the Chhattisgarh’s art and crafts. Homing different tribes such as Muria, Gond, Baiga, Maria and Dorla, one can easily find different types of performing art such as dancing etc. along with some spectacular crafts. An elusive difference can be noticed in the art and craft of these tribes.

Exclusive designs, shapes and sizes of horses, diyas and pots figurines made of terracotta are an integral part of the Chhattisgarh art and craft tradition. The entire markets are filled wi…