Pre-requisites for Getting Business through Buying Houses

      Naturally because of so much of advantages in routing the business through buying houses, the rush is really a mad one. Under these situations, the buying house is at an advantageous position and hence, the entry is not very easy.
      Besides requiring a good communication skill, the exporters are supposed to have the following.
(a)    Good business standing.
(b)   Good infrastructure.
(c)    Good team of professionals.
(d)   Good place of work.
(e)   Good quality control & inspection facilities.
(f)     Immense patience & perseverance as buying houses ate too demanding and at times test the patience and the attitude of the exporters.
    All the above factors are manageable and entry into the buying house is tough but not impossible. However, for a new export company the time lag could be a little more than the established ones.


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