Indian Handicrafts The Real Beauty Of India

Indian handicrafts have a rich history of over thousands of years. Indian handicrafts industry has kept evolving with the passage of time. It is a wonderful mix of traditional and modern facets of India. Handicraft refers to the craft made completely by the hands. Handicraft does not take any help of latest modern technical equipment. Handicrafts of India beautifully symbolize the richness of Indian culture. It is a shining light that has form, dignity, style and beauty. Despite the course of thousands of years, handicrafts of India have maintained its uniqueness.

Different regions in India have different handicraft specialty. You will be hard pressed to find similar handicraft items in two different regions. Handicraft represents the particular culture of a region. The exclusivity and perfection of Indian handicrafts leaves people astonished and wanting for more. Diverse array of hand crafted masterpieces will give you a glance in the richness of Indian culture, its splendid glory and tales of triumphs. If ethnic patterns are what you are looking for, you need not go any further than handicrafts made using brilliant artistic skills of the artisans. These pieces are extremely elegant and exquisite. If you want to have Indian handicraft pieces for interior decoration purposes then you can find artworks ranging from vibrant colors to soft hues, from simple styles to the most intricate artwork.

The evolution of Indian craft is attributed to multitude of factors including local needs, entrepreneurship, religious beliefs, trade related necessities, geometrical construction and availability of constituents. It was not an overnight phenomenon. It has kept evolving and flourishing. The divine beauty of Indian handicrafts is a result of thousands of years of hard work and practice.

It comes as no surprise to know that India is one of the major exporters of handicrafts and gift items. Indian Handicraft sector is particularly popular for crafts items like sculptures, earthenware, knitted goods, pottery, jewellery, leather craft, metal work, glassware, woodwork, scarves, embroidered goods, decorative items, furniture and textiles. The demand for handicrafts of India has kept on rising. The traditional designs of these craft items are simply awe-inspiring. This field has also contributed significantly to the revenues earned by Indian government. Indian handicrafts industry has provided employment to lakhs of people.


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