About Us

Indus trade point is a Merchandising and sourcing company, a group of youths with extensive experience in foreign trade, imports and exports, experience in "Indian handicraft sourcing", we specialize in product design, sourcing, inspections, quality control and production consultation.

We are passionate about what we do and run our business with pride and desire to succeed on behalf of our clients. Your business is our reputation

A Liaison Office in India

We provide the International Clients -"A Liaison Office In India" - with utmost dedication and sincerity to let them lead the competition.

We are committed to the production, collection and the supplying of quality Indian handicraft to worldwide handicraft importers, wholesalers & dealers who buy Indian Handicrafts. We offer one of the largest ranges of Indian handicraft including Furniture, Antique, Textile, Stone, Iron & Gift Artilces.

We believe in hard work only and no shortcut for success, we believe that learning stage for humans never ends, it’s an unending process, we learn from our customers and also some times from the hard working labour who works for a mere 2 dollar a day. Authority can be delegated though responsibility cannot, At Indus trade point each individual works with high values & moral to achieve & deliver 100%.

Our aim is to provide a complete range of services so as to facilitate your operations in India and make them safer. To do so, we offer either to handle specific operations such as inspections and audits or to follow-up the entire process of your production.

As a Buying/Sourcing Agent in India

Since ages, India is known as a country of many diverse cultures - a melting pot of styles, colours and influences from all over asia.
All over the western world, Indian products have been appreciated for their beauty and the skill that they were made with for centuries..
Today, the Indian arts and craftsmanship have been perfected over time and with a new & modern face, they continue to fascinate us until today:
traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design
Its tough to choice in a country with billion people, though we love our country and strongly suggest each foreign buyer to work with an appointed buying agent in India to enjoy working and harvesting 100% resource & man power.

Business can be more streamlined with a responsible Buying Agent, desired targets can be achieved easily if the planning and knowledge of an Agent is good, foreign customer can engage themselves in increasing the business leaving all worries of production, sampling, inspections, quality control, order processing etc in the hands of a Buying Agent

On the other hand if the buying agent you are associated with lacks responsibility, it will affect the foreign customer in a much greater way, naming few terms are bad merchandise, delayed deliveries, buying issues with suppliers, and increase in bad debts from customer as well as the supplier end.

Roles & Responsibilities of the Buying/Sourcing Agent in India

1. Quality merchandise as per the buyer guidelines
2. Timely deliveries
3. Price negotiations
4. Right information at right time
5. Extreme planning with respect to order processing and targeted information      related to the topic
6. Fair whilst price negotiations and must not charge commission from suppliers
7. Quality control & exhaustive factory inspections
8. Working in a manner to achieve memorable buying experience of the buyer
9. To work honestly & closely with buyer & supplier both
10. To maintain transparency in front of the buyer at each step
Quality Policy

* Taking responsibility, acting professionally and delivering satisfaction to our customers always.
* Forming a win-win relationship with our clients, vendors and associates.
* Meeting our customer needs on time and every time with appropriate infrastructure and reactivity.
* Practicing an honest, transparent, and competent relationship with our customer, supplier and employee.
* Building supplier chain integration based on mutual trust, co-operation and co-existence.
* Assisting the suppliers to upgrade their sourcing, production capacity, infrastructure and collections.
* Instituting Quality Management System for effective and complaint free business environment.
* Effective utilization of our multi-locational presence by adopting the latest technology and to render a flexible and a proactive service.
* Empowering employees to take initiatives and control in their work areas, sharpening their skills, and granting them the required exposure in order to create a confident team.
* Adhering to Social, Ethical and Environmental norms of the present times.

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