Indian Desert State Rajasthan

India’s desert state, Rajasthan, had once been a collection of princely kingdom; by virtue of which we still have the remains of some of the most splendid palaces and forts that were once the seats of the rulers of these kingdoms. Rajasthan is a place where there are majestic palaces, rugged forts, rural villages, amazing flora, fauna et cetera.Forts and Palaces Tours of Rajasthan reveal the qualities of the land that move beyond the ordinary aspects of touring or vacationing and take you to complete pleasure, with a number of ways to immerse all your senses in pleasure at once. You are bound to experience the unexpected when you are away from the usual hustle bustle in the popular tourist destinations irrespective of whether it is a local fair or bustling bazaar. Situated on the north-western part of the subcontinent, the land has a number of beautiful places to go to for a vacation. Some of these places include Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Udaipur.Known as the ‘Land of Kings’, Rajasthan still bears the marks of regal grandeur in the form of massive forts situated mostly on hilltops to keep guard over the cities, and splendid and often lavish palaces as a fitting residence for the king of the land. The frescoes and traditional architectural motifs decorate the walls and ceilings of the majestic Havelis too, that once housed noblemen and wealthy merchants of these princely states.The Rajasthan Tour offers the tourists an opportunity to have a literal experience of the imperial lifestyle and tradition at some of the heritage hotels that are known for their traditional royal treatment of all their guests. The exotic scenery of sun kissed Thar Desert and golden sands add shimmer and sparkle to Forts and Palaces tours of Rajasthan. Some of the best known historical forts of Rajasthan include Chittaurgarh Fort, Golden Jaisalmer Fort, Junagarh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, and Amber Fort.The historical and mythological anecdotes and folklores associated to the forts and palaces of Rajasthan add life and spirit to its holiday packages. The self-immolation by thousands of Rajput women and children at once to escape the clutches of enemy solders, not once but thrice, is tragic and shocking as well as fascinating and moving at the same time. Mehrangarh Fort has such massive proportions that it was dubbed the ‘work of giants’ by the imaginative poet Rudyard Kipling. Each and every corner of the forts and palaces breathes history, intrigue, chivalry, unwavering loyalty, and romance. Only if you have a skilful guide as a narrator, the Forts and Palaces Rajasthan Tour becomes a complete experience in itself.Cultural and Heritage Tours of Rajasthan often take you to forts and palaces and heritage hotels too, as they have done quite a good job of preserving the historical traditions, rituals, arts and handicrafts in their pristine form. Cultural shows organized during the tour display mesmerizing performances from the folk artists of Rajasthan, which may include music, dances, puppet shows, plays, and heart-wrenching narration of folklores. You may include excursions to national parks and tiger reserves that were once the royal hunting grounds of Rajputs and even spend a night or two in royal forest lodges and Mughal-style tents in the jungles to explore a different aspect of Rajput royalty during your Rajasthan Tour.Adiba has deep interest in writing informative articles on Travel and tourism in India. Also given her words to a portal for Rajasthan Tours where one can find info on Rajasthan Desert Safari and Golden Triangle Tours and other destinations of India. Explore and get your dream holiday package.

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