What can be more ethnic than a glass painting to decorate your home?

Glass painting is an amazing form of art that combines the vibrance of colors and glasses. When featured on home decor accessories, it uplifts the entire atmosphere of a room. You just need to bring out your creative ingenuity in a proper way. Glass painting, unlike it is conjectured otherwise, is very interesting to do. Have your kit ready with an outliner, which is used to keep the different shades of glass paints in place and the design you want to portray on the glass painting. You can either paint freehand, or else the option of templates is always there. Now if you are thinking which decor article to start with, here are some ideas: Glass Painting Ideas Glass Candle Holders: Jars with flat or faceted sides can easily take up the shape of glass candle holders without much of effort. Use tubes or pens of outline paint to draw designs on the sides of painted jam jar candle holders, to enhance the look of the candle holders. You just need to keep the following points in mind: * It is always safe to plan out designs on paper before painting on the jars. * Use a single color, such as gold, on jars painted with stained glass paint. * Gently squeeze the tube of outline paint while drawing on the jam jar, otherwise it can spoil your creativity. Alternatively, paint designs with outline paint on clear jam jars to use as candle holders. And yes, not to forget that designs made with many outline colors look beautiful on clear, unpainted jars. Designing for Stained Glass: To make stained glass highly attractive with glass painting, it is very essential for the artist to chalk out the layout of the design in great detail. This structural support could be of great importance, as pieces of glass support each other inside the framed area. And a badly supported piece of stained glass artwork may buckle and eventually drop or break out of the frame. Art works are actually displayed when small pieces of colored glass are arranged to form a particular creative pattern. Further, the glass is held together by strips of lead and the work is supported by a rigid frame like a window. Stained glass can also feature a figure on the glass itself, like a face might be hand painted. Once this is done the design is then fired a second time, so that the painting remains as an integrated aspect of the artwork. Pretty Glass Lanterns: This is really a fun craft that allows people to display their creativity in their own style. Use a glass paint liner to draw a design on the jar, you can either do it freehand or else you can go for one of the many templates available. It will be better if you use your imagination to create a pretty design. Allow the outline to dry for at least an hour. Once it's dry, fill it in with various colors of glass paint, as required by the painting, and your pretty glass lantern is ready. Once all the paints get dried, place a candle inside it. Now, when the candle is lit and it spreads a lovely warm glow all around your home, you know what a beautiful glass painting accent you have created for your home.

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